President of the National League of Cities


Mayor Chris Coleman is president of the National League of Cities (NLC), the nation's oldest and largest organization representing municipal government.

As an attorney, community and neighborhood leader, investment advisor, and former city councilmember, Chris Coleman brings a wealth of experience to the office of mayor.

As mayor, Chris Coleman has been an advocate for education and public safety, and was instrumental in championing the Central Corridor Light Rail line - the largest transit project ever undertaken in the state of Minnesota. These efforts and initiatives are all accomplished with sound fiscal management in mind and guided by a passion for the City of Saint Paul. Bridging the education gap for children has been at the core of Mayor Coleman's agenda. He has recently introduced revolutionary programs such as the Promise Neighborhood and Sprockets, which focus on how our students spend their crucial time outside of the classroom. Mayor Coleman has marshaled the best minds and resources to enrich the lives of children by extending social and academic opportunities beyond the school day, opening new doors of opportunity to a better life, and creating a safe environment for them to live and play.

Mayor Coleman is a strong advocate for police, fire, and emergency management services, committed to building world-class departments that set the standard for service to residents and community. He continues to invest in emergency personnel and training, as well as improved technology to assist them in keeping our communities safe.

Economic development has been one of Mayor Coleman's main focuses. Through his leadership, downtown Saint Paul has come alive with new music and restaurant venues. He championed the Central Corridor Light Rail project, and continues to provide leadership during its planning and construction. The Central Corridor will not only transform one of Saint Paul's most iconic streets, but connect our residents to workplaces and schools.

Mayor Coleman is committed to fiscal responsibility. Measuring value by return on investment, he has worked in partnership with the City Council to consolidate and improve city services despite devastating cuts in state aid. Under Mayor Coleman, Saint Paul residents are receiving better services at a better price while the City retains its high bond ratings from all the major rating agencies.