• How Cities Can Train Police Officers Not to Shoot

    American soldiers are provided with extensive training that outlines strict rules of engagement and emphasizes the use of force as a last resort. Why aren’t we providing our police officers with the same level of training?

  • 5 Ways Parks Provide a Return on Investment

    Parks and public spaces are an integral part of the atmosphere and culture of a city or town. More than that, though, they have a massive positive financial impact – one that is generally overlooked.

  • How to Reinvent a Struggling Downtown

    In this Big Ideas for Cities feature, Little Rock, Arkansas Mayor Mark Stodola discusses how creative placemaking can drive economic development in a city’s downtown.

  • 5 Opportunities Cities Can Pursue to Expand Shared Mobility

    A new municipal tool is available to help city officials establish and expand shared modes of transport. Sharon Feigon examines several trends across a range of cities that can provide insight and guidance in this rapidly-evolving landscape.

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