Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure Starts with the Workforce

This is a guest post by Mayor Mark Stodola, Little Rock, Arkansas, president of the National League of Cities, adapted from remarks delivered for Infrastructure Week.

This week in Washington, D.C., — and in cities and towns across the nation — policymakers, the business community and everyday citizens are coming together to recognize Infrastructure Week and the role of reliable infrastructure in our daily lives.

And when mayors like me talk about the importance of “reliable infrastructure,” it’s so much more than a talking point.


Children learning in class. (City of Mooresville)

We also know that technological advancements will continue to have a significant impact on our education systems, skills that are in-demand, and the make up of the workforce and workplace.

That’s why America’s city leaders are calling on Congress to step up to the plate and pass legislation will set our workforce up for success — because it’s time for Washington to rebuild with us.

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Mark_Stodola_200x250.jpgAbout the Author: Mark Stodola is the mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas, and president of the National League of Cities (NLC), the largest organization representing America’s cities and their leaders. Stodola has served as mayor of Little Rock since January 2007.