Youth Delegates at the Congressional City Conference

At the Congressional City Conference, youth delegates - sitting alongside municipal officials in educational workshops and sessions - will learn about issues affecting local government in their own cities and towns. They will also engage in dialogue with both local officials and other youth in order to gain information they can use for discussion and action at home. The main part of the conference begins with an Opening General Session on Monday, and runs through Tuesday afternoon. 

Youth delegates and adult chaperones must register online.  Register Now

By attending this year's Congressional City Conference, youth delegates have a unique opportunity to participate in an even wider array of workshops and sessions focused on how city leaders can help children, youth and families succeed, as well as strategies for engaging youth in local government.

Through civic engagement, including attendance at this conference, young people gain experience, acquire new skills, learn responsibility and accountability, develop a greater sense of confidence, empowerment, and membership, and forge meaningful connections to other youth and adults.

Municipal officials in communities large and small are taking steps to ensure that youth have a voice and a role in local government. You and your community can be part of this process by bringing youth delegates to represent your city or town at the Congressional City Conference.

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