Voting at the Annual Business Meeting

The National League of Cities Annual Business Meeting with be held on Saturday, November 10, 2018 at the conclusion of the NLC City Summit in Los Angeles.

As an NLC direct member city, your city is entitled to vote at this meeting. Based on population as of the 2010 Census, each member city casts between one and twenty votes, as indicated below.

To be eligible to cast a city's vote(s), a voting delegate and/or alternate(s) must be officially designated by the city, and the city's membership in NLC must be up to date.

NLC's bylaws prohibit voting by proxy.

Please designate your city's voting delegate and/or alternate(s) by completing the online credentials form by Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

Please complete the online form by clicking the button below. Once submitted, we will send you an email confirmation for your records.

Fill Out The Credentials Form


Important Note:

At City Summit, the voting delegate must pick up the city's voting card at the Ask NLC Booth before the Annual Business Meeting and must be present during the Annual Business Meeting to cast the city's vote(s). The Ask NLC Booth will be open during scheduled times throughout City Summit.

Thank you for your membership and your support of the National League of Cities. Please contact us at or 202-626-3100 if you have questions or need assistance.


Under 50,000 - 1 Vote

50,000 - 99,99 - 2 Votes

100,000 - 199,999 - 4 Votes

200,000 - 299,999 - 6 Votes

300,000 - 399,999 - 8 Votes

400,000 - 499,999 - 10 Votes

500,000 - 599,999 - 12 Votes

600,000 - 699,999 - 14 Votes

700,000 - 799,999 - 16 Votes

800,000 - 899,999 - 18 Votes

900,000 and above - 20 Votes