City buildings with trees
City buildings with trees

Environment & Sustainability

An ever more critical area of focus for cities, environmental and sustainability-minded approaches to governance ensure cities can continue building on today’s successes into the future. We offer resources based on our own research, and equally as important, we are a convener where cities can share proven best practices.

Environment & Sustainability subtopics:


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For many municipalities, electricity usage is the primary source of their greenhouse gas emissions. To dramatically reduce these emissions and fight climate change, a growing number of cities are switching to green power. Since 2001, the…

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Sustainability. Cities are talking about it, many are doing it, public is demanding it, businesses are embracing it, even the federal government is taking steps to support and incorporate it into and across their agencies. And while “it” has been…

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The heads of the three White House Cabinet agencies primarily responsible for implementing the Livable Communities Initiative - Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Environmental Protection…

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This model RFP is for the City of Flagstaff's second phase of proposals for a mixed-use Traditional Neighborhood Development of approximately 27 acres along John Wesley Powell Boulevard in Flagstaff, Arizona.

This is a detailed request…