Supporting Entrepreneurs and Small Business

The importance of entrepreneurs and small businesses has been a central theme in discussions of the national recovery. On the local level, city leaders understand first-hand the importance of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Entrepreneurs and small businesses:

  • Create new jobs and employ local residents;
  • Play a pivotal role in creating a unique sense of place that enhances a community's quality of life; and
  • In a more footloose, global economy, homegrown businesses may have deeper roots than those gained through attraction strategies.

NLC's Center for Research and Innovation conducted a multi-year effort to better understand how local governments can support small business growth. This tool kit examines the question:

How can local governments support entrepreneurship and small businesses?

To encourage entrepreneurs, local governments need to examine how they can contribute to an entrepreneurial eco system by tackling efforts within city hall and partnering and connecting with external stakeholders. This tool kit is divided into four sections outlining activities for city leaders:

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I. Understanding Small
Business Development

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II. Roles Within City Hall

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II. Partners

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IV. City Examples

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