Strategic Business Partnerships

The National League of Cities is committed to helping city leaders build better communities. By building strategic marketing partnerships and NLC-branded programs with select private sector companies and not-for-profit organizations, NLC offers products and services that provide value-added solutions and cost savings to cities and their residences.

NLC leverages its communications, conferences and other outreach vehicles to markets these programs to the nation's 18,000 cities and towns, providing partnering organizations with access and visibility with municipal influencers and decision-makers. In some case, NLC lends its name and the strength of its brand to promote the programs.

In addition to creating revenue for the organization, NLC seeks strategic business partnerships that:

  • Increase NLC's organizational capacity to help cities.
  • Strengthen NLC's brand recognition among member and non-member cities.
  • Build greater loyalty to NLC by offering value-added programs to members.
  • Provide rewards to program participants through cost savings or free and enhanced services.