State League Family Strengthening Initiatives


For the past several years, the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia has sponsored a pre-conference training on "Strengthening Your Community by Strengthening Children and Families" at the Georgia Municipal Association annual convention.  Savannah, Ga., Mayor Otis Johnson and Savannah Alderman Van Johnson served as trainers/speakers at the most recent training.  The course examines the impact of child and family well-being on community and economic development, trends in Georgia, state-run programs aimed at reducing the number of at-risk youth and juvenile delinquents, and issues such as teen pregnancies, truancy and teen drug and alcohol use.


The Association of Idaho Cities (AIC) passed a resolution supporting NLC's City Platform for Supporting Families and Improving Outcomes for Children and Youth. The platform outlines the "essential infrastructure" necessary for sustained progress and provides a framework for local action on behalf of young people and their families.  Cities have used the platform as a self-assessment tool to guide the development of comprehensive plans for helping children, youth, and families thrive.  The resolution was proposed by Caldwell, Idaho, Mayor Garret Nancolas, then-vice chair and 2011 chair of NLC's Council on Youth, Education, and Families, and a member of the AIC Board of Directors.  The resolution passed unanimously and each board member committed to adopting the platform and using it as a resource to guide local action on behalf of children, youth, and families in their communities.


In April 2009, more than 40 North Texas mayors, councilmembers, city managers and senior municipal staff convened in Burleson, Texas, for a Mayors' Summit for Children and Families of North Texas. The event was hosted by Burleson Mayor Ken Shetter and sponsored by the YEF Institute in partnership with the Texas Municipal League and the North Central Texas Council of Governments. Local officials had the opportunity to learn more about the Mayors' Action Challenge for Children and Families, and to share best practices for improving outcomes for children and youth from cities in Texas and communities throughout the nation.