September-October 2012

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NLC-RISC Staff Conference Overview

RISC Resource: Erin Rian 

The 2012 NLC-RISC Staff Conference took place at the Francis Marion Hotel in the beautiful Historic District of Charleston, South Carolina from October 22 through October 24. The three days were full, with many opportunities for collaborating, sharing and networking with peers from across the country. Thank you to the NLC-RISC Conference Planning Committee for their help in developing the conference program. Committee members include Tom Dwyer (Rhode Island), Jeannie Garner (Florida), Lynn McNamara (Oregon), Dave Sichel (Vermont) and Pete Tritz (Minnesota).

A theme that emerged in the conference planning was building cross-functional collaborations - or breaking down the silos. This theme wove through virtually every session offered, and a panel discussion on the topic helped kick off the second day of the conference. Additional sessions ranged from the light-hearted opening keynote with humorist Glen Ward to sessions tackling timely and relevant topics for pools including:

  • Local government and cyber vulnerability ~ An overview of this session can be found here

  • Succession planning for pools

  • Overview of the national and international regulatory environment

  • Health reform and wellness

  • Strategies for reducing law enforcement injuries and deaths

  • Highlights of different technology solutions being used by pools

  • Work comp cost containment strategies

  • Best practices for marketing and selling your pool

"Think Tank" sessions relating to claims, health benefits, loss control, and underwriting were also available allowing various functional groups to gather to discuss emerging issues and challenges, and to share information and resources about new programs or services.

Presentation and handout materials are now available on the NLC-RISC website. Please email Erin Rian with questions.

NLC-RISC Board of Directors Meets in Charleston

RISC Resource: Claire Reiss and Erin Rian

The NLC-RISC Board of Directors met in Charleston during the NLC-RISC Staff Conference. Over the last several months the Board has come to recognzie and appreciate the value of greater member engagement as characterized by the conference planning committee. Collectively, the Board has also come to appreciate the depth of knowledge and expertise that exists in pools and the need for RISC to engage differently and more actively with this deep knowledge base. While the details have yet to be finalized, some of the key takeaways from the meeting include:

  • The goal is to engage RISC members at a higher level in establishing RISC priorities in a meaningful way;

  • Provide development opportunities for key pool management staff;

  • Issue groups will be considered on matters of interest that will engage other pool staff based on areas of interest and expertise.

NLC-RISC staff will begin immediately working on the development of a plan for implementing this new approach with the goal of presenting it to the Board at a meeting scheduled for sometime in January or February 2013. We will provide updates to RISC members as we work through development and implementation of this new model.

Pools In The Spotlight

This section of the RISC Report provides highlights from recent NLC-RISC member publications. With the publishing pool's permission, these reprints will showcase the pools' expertise and services allowing RISC member pools to learn from, and build upon, each other's efforts. If RISC is not currently on your distribution list for these newsletters, please consider providing us with either a hard copy or electronic version of your newsletter.
RISC Resource: Claire Reiss

Lessons Learned: FEMA Public Assistance Program

Materials provided courtesy of the Florida League of Cities and the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust

Many communities along the eastern seaboard are reeling from the effects of Sandy. Florida is obviously no stranger to hurricanes. As a result, the Florida League of Cities and the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust have worked to develop FEMA Public Assistance Guidelines for their members based on lessons learned over the years in dealing with FEMA. They also have an educational presentation from FEMA on the Public Assistance Grant Program used as another vehicle to provide information to their membership.  RISC member pools are free to use these documents as they see necessary. 

Information & Resources

Disaster Update

RISC Resource: Claire Reiss

PennPrime has become the lastest NLC-RISC member pool to join Agility Recovery Solutions on behalf of its members.  Also, Agility has provided  information about the declaration approvals from FEMA related to Sandy.  READ MORE

IMLA Hosting Conference Call to Provide Sandy Recovery Information

RISC Resource: Claire Reiss

From NLC's Federal Relations department regarding disaster response to Sandy: The International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA) is hosting a call on Monday, November 5th at 11:00 AM ET for city attorneys (or city managers) interested in discussing disaster response to Hurricane Sandy and dealing with FEMA. IMLA will have a panel of attorneys exprienced with disasters who will speak and take questions. To access the call dial: 866-244-8528 and enter pascode: 357236.

Why NLC-RISC Members Should Be Concerned About Wireless RF Radiation

 RISC Resource: Claire Reisss

Our nation's favorite form of communication depends on radio-frequency radiation producing wireless antennas. The popularity of this technology is obvious from the abundance of smart phones, laptops, tablets and other devices in use today. However, what is not readily apparent is the health hazards arising from the massive network of wireless antennas that tethers all of these devices together. The RF radiation produced from just one of these wireless antennas can be several hundred times that of a cell phone. By the very ubiquitous nature of wireless antennas, workers routinely work in close proximity to them, often unknowingly. NLC-RISC member pools should help make their members aware of this hidden risk, which have potentially significant liability ramifications.  READ MORE

Local Government and Cyber Vulnerability: Is it Real or All Just Hype?

RISC Resource: Claire Reiss

Attendees at the NLC-RISC Staff Conference in Charleston, South Carolina heard from two national experts on cyber security and local government in a general session titled Local Government and Cyber Vulnerability: Is it Real or All Just Hype? The organizations that provided speakers for this session offer helpful resources for pools seeking to educate themselves and their members about how cyber vulnerability affects local governments. Pools may want to explore these resources further and bring the Multi-State Information and Sharing Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) to the attention of their members.  READ MORE

NLC-RISC Members Hold Annual Business Meeting in Charleston

RISC Resource: Erin Rian

NLC-RISC members held their Annual Business Meeting on Tuesday, October 23 during the Staff Conference in Charleston. Presiding over the meeting was Mike McCauley, Executive Director for the Oregon League of Cities and NLC-RISC Board member. There were several action items on the agenda including:

  • Confirm MUNIX (Alberta Urban Municipalities Association) as the newest member to NLC-RISC ~ Welcome MUNIX to the NLC-RISC family!

  • Election of the 2012-2013 Board of Directors ~ The following individuals were nominated and approved by the membership to serve on the board for 2012-2013:

  • Mike McCauley, League Director in Oregon (reappointment)

  • Miriam Hair, League Director, South Carolina (reappointment)

  • Steve Hansen, Pool Administrator, Utah (reappointment)

  • Tim Ailsworth, Pool Administrator, Maryland (new board member)

They join returning board members Jim Miller (Minnesota), Ken Strobeck (Arizona), Dawn Crawford (Tennessee) and Dennis Tweedale (Wisconsin). Congratulations to new and returning board members!

  • Recognition of outgoing board member ~ Susan Smith, Executive Director of the Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Employee Benefits Pool (TML IEBP) has served on the Board since 2006. During that time, she served as both vice chair and chair of the Board. Thank you to Susan for her commitment and contributions to NLC-RISC!

  • Recognition of Stutz Award Winners ~ NLC gives the Stutz Award to a league director, pool administrator or staff member that has completed at total of 25 years of service with one or more state league or intergovernmental risk pool. Carol Loughlin, Executive Director of the Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool (TML IRP) was in attendance to receive her Stutz Award in Charleston. Other pool staff acknowledged, but not in attendance, at the RISC meeting include:

  • Richard "Byron" Beard, Florida League of Cities

  • Valerie Burns, Florida League of Cities

  • Richard Evans, TML IRP

  • Cynthia Hoskins, TML IRP

  • Sheryll Lipscomb, Arkansas Municipal League

  • Barbara Mathewson, Florida League of Cities

Congratulations to all 2012 Stutz Award recipients!

Focus on Pool Personnel

This section of the RISC Report is intended to serve as a way to announce retirements, new hires, promotions, as well as to highlight any awards, honors or accomplishments received by staff members. Please let us know of any special announcements you would like to make so we can publish those in the next RISC Report.

RISC Resource: Erin Rian

Marvin Townsend Retires as Executive Director of the TML Intergovernmental Risk Pool

Marvin Townsend retired as Executive Director of the TML Intergovernmental Risk Pool effective August 31, 2012. Marvin has dedicated over 56 years of his career to municipal government and public entity risk pools. Through Marvin's leadership, TML IRP has grown from 16 members to over 2,740 and is one of the largest and most financially secure governmental risk pools in the nation. Marvin served on both the NLC-RISC and the NLC Mutual Board of Directors.  We wish Marvin well in his retirement!

Carol Loughlin named Executive Director of the TML Intergovernmental Risk Pool

Carol Loughlin assumed the position of Executive Director of the TML Intergovernmental Risk Pool on August 31, 2012 upon the retirement of Marvin Townsend. Carol has been with the pool for 26 years and has served as Deputy Director for 20 years. She is a highly regarded expert in local government pooling. Based on her familiarity with all aspects of the Pool's operations, its coverages and its members, she was the Pool's natural choice to succeed Marvin. Congratulations to Carol in her new role!

Jeff Hovey Named as Deputy Director for IMWCA

Jeff Hovey has been selected as deputy director for the Iowa Municipalities Workers' Compensation Association (IMWCA). Jeff has been the claims manager since 2005 and was a workers' compensation claims manager for Allied/Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company prior to joining IMWCA. His thorough understanding of workers' compensation claims and the claims handling process plus his knowledge of local government operations will serve him well in assuming the leadership position for the association.  Congratulations to Jeff on his new role!

RISC eNews Blast

The RISC eNews Blast is intended to provide relevant and timely news information from a number of sources to member pool staff.  If you see articles in the journals, email and sources you subscribe to that may be of interest to the RISC membership, please feel free to forward them to Erin Rian for inclusion in the eNews Blast.  The eNews Blast will be delivered every two weeks, and the RISC Report will be delivered every two months.

Access the latest edition of the RISC eNews Blast ~ November 1, 2012.  

Upcoming Events

The following events may be of interest to RISC members.  You may also find details under the Events tab on the NLC-RISC website.

  • NLC-RISC Marketing Communications Strategy Workshop: May 15-16, 2013 in Denver, Colorado

  • NLC-RISC Trustees Conference: May 16-18, 2013 in Denver, Colorado

  • Southern Municipal Underwriting Group Meeting: April 8-9, 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky

  • Southeast Loss Control Meeting: April 16-19, 2013 in Annapolis, Maryland

  • Midwest Loss Control Meeting: May 2-3, 2013 in St. Paul, Minnesota

  • NLC-RISC Staff Conference: October 2013 in Portland, Oregon

Employment Opportunities

If you would like to post a job opportunity on the NLC-RISC website or in the RISC Report, please send an email request to Erin Rian.

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