September 2015 Newsletter

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YEF Institute Newsletter
This September, we celebrated with First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House. What did we celebrate? The Let’s Move! Cities, Towns and Counties initiative now has 500 communities on board – a historic milestone! This exciting accomplishment, as well as new resources on runaway youth, early childhood education and juvenile justice reform are highlighted here. If you have questions about anything you read here, contact Emily Pickren.

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On September 16th, NLC joined first lady Michelle Obama at the White House to announce that 500 cities, towns and counties are now participating in the LMCTC initiative, which is supported by the YEF Institute. Approximately 80 million Americans now live in a community participating in LMCTC! Watch the video of Michelle Obama making the announcement about this milestone.
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We applaud the U.S. Surgeon General for issuing Step It Up! The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Promote Walking and Walkable Communities. This call to action is an important step forward in ensuring that Americans of all ages and abilities have access to safe and convenient opportunities to be active and move safely throughout their communities. 
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On any given night, approximately 1.3 million youth are homeless in America. Thousands of these youth are runaways, minors who left home without permission and stayed away for at least one night. Local governments and their community partners have the opportunity to support runaways by keeping them out of the juvenile justice system and providing services that meet their often complex needs.
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Congress is poised to make major decisions about requirements and funding levels for federal early childhood programs. It is important for city leaders and their local partners to stay informed and understand how federal policies may affect their current and future work. Our federal policy update offers a detailed breakdown of the Education and Secondary Education Act as well as updates on federally-funded programs such as Head Start and more.
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The police officers that serve in our schools are on the front lines of our youth public safety efforts. Giving these officers the right set of tools is critical to productive interactions with and outcomes for youth, especially those with mental health needs. NLC is collaborating with the Mental Health and Juvenile Justice Collaborative for Change to provide training to school resource officers in Minneapolis and Little Rock, Arkansas.

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