Send a Press Release Supporting Transportation

Members of Congress and their staff keep a close eye on local and regional media outlets, because it helps them keep their fingers on the "pulse" of their districts and states. You can send a statement to your local media on the importance of transportation in your community using the template press release provided below.

Template Press Release


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Representative [Your Representative's Name] Should Support Local Transportation Funding

[Your Town] - This summer, the Department of Transportation estimates that funding for transportation programs, like fixing roads and bridges, will run out. This will result in [ECONOMIC LOSS TO THE COMMUNITY IN JOBS OR DOLLARS, IF AVAILABLE]. These projects will provide [DESCRIBE BENEFITS] for our local community and contribute to the national economy.    

"I encourage Representative [Name] to quickly adopt legislation that continues to support the vital transportation links of our national transportation network," said [Your name]. S/He continued, "It is imperative that the nation have a multiyear surface transportation bill that provides local economies the resources to keep up with transportation needs and ensures a strong role for local officials in selecting the projects that help strengthen community growth. Failure to act will force many projects to halt indefinitely and disrupt state and local transportation budgets."  

For local governments, transportation keeps economies moving and growing and ensures that freight gets to its final destination. Local governments are the major owners and operators of roads, bridges and transit systems in the United States and contribute substantial amounts of funds for transportation. In [CITY OR STATE], local governments own and operate [PERCENTAGE] of the roads/bridges. Building and maintaining this portion of the national transportation network is only possible with a strong federal-state-local partnership that provides federal funds in support of highways, bridges and transit systems.