Send a Press Release Supporting Marketplace Fairness

Members of Congress and their staff keep a close eye on local and regional media outlets, because it helps them keep their fingers on the "pulse" of their districts and states. You can send a statement to your local media on the impact that passage of marketplace fairness legislation would have in your community using the template press release provided below.

Template Press Release

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Representative [Your Representative's Name] Should Support Marketplace Fairness

[Your Town] - Each year, local businesses are put at an automatic five to ten percent competitive disadvantage to their online counterparts, who are not required to collect state and local sales taxes on their transactions. The businesses in our community provide [GIVE EXAMPLES OF ECONOMIC, EMPLOYMENT, OR QUALITY OF LIFE CONTRIBUTIONS MADE TO YOUR COMMUNITY]. However, they continue to do compete on an uneven playing field with online businesses because of Congress's failure to pass marketplace fairness legislation.

"I urge Representative [NAME] to work with [his/her] colleagues on Capitol Hill to pass a marketplace fairness bill this year," said [YOUR NAME]. S/he continued, "In the year since the Senate passed the Marketplace Fairness Act, businesses in our community have faced unfair competition with online business, as [AMOUNT] of sales tax goes uncollected in our state from online sales. Passage of a marketplace fairness act will level the playing field for the businesses that keep our community vibrant, while helping our city to provide the services residents need."

Marketplace fairness does not represent a new tax. Rather, it closes a current unfair loophole. By passing marketplace fairness, Congress will level the playing field for all sellers and will provide fiscal relief for state and local governments without any cost to the federal budget. Giving states and local governments the authority to require online sellers to collect and remit sales tax will support brick and mortar businesses as well as their communities, without imposing new taxes or affecting the federal budget.