Improving Public Schools Action Kit

School building
School building

The quality of public schools and the long-term prospects of cities – almost every local elected official knows that these two things are closely linked. The connection is based in part on the central role that schools play in building stable communities and shaping residents’ perceptions of the quality of community life. Municipal leaders also understand that a strong public education system is a great asset as their cities compete for new jobs and industries. An NLC survey found that local officials view improvements in the quality of elementary and secondary education as one of the three most effective strategies for promoting local economic development and reducing poverty. 

Mayors and city councilmembers are essential partners in improving public schools, and they can play key roles even when they have no direct authority over local school districts. This action kit outlines a wide range of ways that municipal leaders, working in partnership with school officials and the community as a whole, can help ensure that our public schools work for all children.

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