Thank you for joining us for the Vaccine Distribution and Administration: Messaging, Partnerships and Confidence Webinar.

Mayors and local officials’ capacity to convene partners/trusted messengers and communicate with the public is ever more vital in a landscape of uncertainty and conflicting information on the COVID-19 Vaccine.

This webinar provided insight into how cities across the country are working with their communities and health departments to provide clarity about vaccine distribution/prioritization and vaccine administration, as well as addressing the challenges of vaccine hesitancy and issues of trust among high-risk communities.

Thank you to Mayor Linda Gorton of Lexington, KY, Mayor Jorge Elorza of Providence, RI and our moderator, John Auerbach.

This event was a part of our ongoing conversations with mayors and local elected officials about supporting their communities and ensuring equity in COVID-19 vaccinations. You can watch the event on-demand by clicking the video below.