First Tier Suburbs Housing Summit

First tier housing summit
First tier housing summit

In Fall 2018, NLC's First Tier Suburbs Council announced a pilot project that would award consulting on economic development to a first tier city or group of cities. The Mid-America Regional Council, a nonprofit that serves the nine county Kansas City metropolitan area won the award. MARC as it is known sought economic advice on the area's housing market and access to affordable housing. The consulting was provide pro bono by TIP Strategies, who provided economic data analysis and hosted a one-day summit for stakeholders in the Kansas City area. 

To better understand challenges and opportunities for preserving and providing workforce housing, TIP collaborated with the MARC research team to conduct a detailed analysis of the issue using adjusted single-family unit appraisal data for more than 300,000 units. The analysis compared more than 20 cities in the Kansas City region to each other and to the broader metropolitan area to identify communities facing similar affordability challenges.

This report highlights the major findings of TIP's analysis and recommendations compiled from the one day regional housing summit hosted in July 2019. 

The report focused on five major strategies:

1. Promoting knowledge sharing

2. Preserving existing housing.

3. Increase the amount of available housing. 

4. Increase access to and availability of financing. 

5. Enact regulatory changes. 


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