Civic Cities

In order to permanently strengthen the relationships between cities and their residents, NLC is inviting its member cities to participate in a unique network of local elected officials and municipal institutions that are reinvigorating the culture of democracy at the most local level. This network, called Civic Cities, will work to ensure that everyone counts in every election.

Who You Are

Civic Cities is a network of municipal leaders and their staff who are interested in taking action to grow voter engagement—they are aware that there is a deepening demand from residents to feel included and empowered in the democratic process at every level, including the most local. They are also aware that both community-based organizations and civic engagement leaders have been laying the groundwork to grow voter turnout for years. As the most trusted level of government, city leaders are ready to lead as powerful local conveners that can increase participation rates nationwide—starting locally.

What We Do

We will both support elected officials in committing to and executing high quality voter engagement plans and facilitate learning between municipal leaders, steering cities towards strengthened local democracy. Examples of interventions we will help city leaders develop include making voting:

  • Accessible (reducing barriers to voter registration, strengthening partnerships with state and local partners)
  • More convenient (improving the voting experience, working with local elections officials to reduce friction of participation)
  • More meaningful (reducing voter apathy, elevating schools, community groups and local influencers who can deliver education about meaningful democracy)

Get Involved

We are currently identifying exemplary city leaders to champion the importance of civic engagement with roles on our Advisory Board; these champions will leverage their expertise to inform our resources before our official launch and advocate for our call-to-action with other cities. If you are interested in learning more about joining the Advisory Board for NLC’s Civic Cities, please email Olivia Snarski at