Poverty Reduction Peer Network

The network is made possible by the generous support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Representatives from approximately 25-30 cities participate in the network, including local elected officials, senior municipal staff, and other local policymakers and practitioners. A PRPN Steering Committee guides the network's activities and focus.

Bimonthly e-newsletter: PRPN members receive the Family Economic Success Network e-newsletter, which highlights YEF Institute activities and resources, showcases promising city efforts, spotlights a broad range of strategies and approaches, and includes additional resources, research, and relevant news items.

Bimonthly conference call series: PRPN members take part in bimonthly conference calls focusing on a range of pertinent issues, from using collaborative structures for anti-poverty work to understanding poverty metrics and indicators.

Periodic meetings: PRPN members participate in occasional meetings held at NLC conferences and events to facilitate peer learning and collaborative efforts among cities engaged in similar work.

How to Join
If you are interested in being a part of this peer network, contact Heidi Goldberg at (202) 626-3069 or goldberg@nlc.org.