Shafaq Choudry
Senior Associate, Leadership in Community Resilience

Shafaq Choudry is an architect and urban planner focused on inclusive and resilient planning that supports the development of equitable, transit-oriented and culturally vibrant cities across the globe. Her national and international experiences range from leading community engagement initiatives with low-income communities, creating multi-modal transportation plans and programs at the intersection of public health and the built environment, and implementing innovative local and regional comprehensive plans to support community and economic development. Shafaq’s collaborative approach to city planning derives from ten years of experience in the private, public and non-for profit sectors. At the core of her practice is relationship building between local government and marginalized communities, facilitating actionable steps towards institutionalizing equitable policies, and connecting all people to places of opportunity.

At the National League of Cities, Shafaq oversees the Leadership in Community Resilience program where she provides technical assistance to local officials, city staff and community partners across 10 cities. The program is shaped to support and elevate cities’ economic, environmental, and social resiliency initiatives as they prepare, adapt and respond to climate impacts on aging infrastructure and vulnerable communities. 

Shafaq grew up in Venezuela, gained community planning and place-based design experience working in Chicago's culturally rich neighborhoods, and extends her planning expertise to disaster management planning in Pakistan, and presenting best practice research and tools on equitable transit-oriented development and public space revitalization strategies in Panama City and Mexico City. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and Masters in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of California Los Angeles.

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