Pass a Resolution Supporting Marketplace Fairness

Passing a resolution during your city's council meeting and sending copies to your congressional delegation, local media, NLC, and others can help show your entire community's support for passage of marketplace fairness legislation. You can use the sample resolution below as a guideline, or draft your own.

Sample Resolution:


WHEREAS, local business is a valuable component of the economic health and quality of life in [CITY] and the State of [STATE]; and

WHEREAS, rapid growth in interstate commerce has complicated state and local government efforts to collect legally authorized sales and use taxes on remote transactions representing a significant loss of state and local government resources; and

WHEREAS, the University of Tennessee Center for Business and Economic Research estimates that state and local governments were unable to collect $23 billion in sales tax on e-commerce in 2012; and

WHEREAS, local businesses are put at a five to ten percent competitive disadvantage by following the law and collecting sales tax at the time of purchase, while remote online retailers are not required to do so; and

NOW, THEREFORE, to support the ongoing economic growth and quality of life in [CITY], and to ensure fair marketplace competition for [CITY's] local retailers, it is hereby resolved and enacted by the City Council of [CITY] that [CITY] does hereby endorse and support efforts to pass marketplace fairness; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Congress must move to close the online sales tax loophole and place brick and mortar local businesses on a level playing field with online retailers,

RESOLVED AND ENACTED by the Council of the City of [CITY] at a regularly scheduled public meeting held this [DATE], a quorum being present.