Data democratization is at the heart of mySidewalk. We believe every organization has a right to accurate, timely, and relevant data about the places they live and the people they serve. Our suite of products breaks down the barriers to harnessing and leveraging this data, allowing users of all backgrounds to amplify their stories.
Since 2015, mySidewalk has worked with public, non-profit, and private organizations to enable and drive forward change with community data.

In partnership with the National League of Cities (NLC), mySidewalk is proud to offer a tool designed to place data at the heart of city decision-making and conversation. Seek Cities enables city leadership, program managers, analysts, and planners access to a single, unified and trusted data library to guide actions such as grant investments and community impact assessments with accurate, measurable indicators.

Benefits to Cities, Towns and Villages

  • Make higher-impact community decisions with data to help target aid and programs
  • Build the capacity of city teams to use local facts in federal grant projects and applications
  • Save staff time and resources with quick access to accurate and up-to-date data
  • Begin a free 30-day trial of Seek Cities with single-click login through myNLC

Commitment to the Public Sector

Educating Leaders: Unlock the Power of Community Data in Your City

To showcase the power of using data to drive city innovation, we’re hosting six inspiring conversations with local government leaders who are telling the stories of their communities. The webinar series will address community challenges, such as equitable federal funding, affordable housing, the economy, climate risk and resiliency. In each discussion, city innovators will identify a challenge and share how community data and Seek Cities have helped them address it.

City leaders and staff will come away with actionable strategies, guidance, and hands-on tools to accompany each story.

Start using Seek Cities today with a free trial for NLC Members

Exclusively for NLC Members, we’re offering a free 30-day trial to Seek Cities so city leadership and staff can save time finding data right away and start building true data-driven impact. All you need to begin your free trial is access your myNLC portal, where you can instantly log in and start finding data.

Click here to learn more about Seek Cities and to:

  • check if your city is an NLC member
  • reach out with account access questions
  • view upcoming webinars

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