Lexipol’s Grant Access Grant Writing Services are custom, comprehensive solutions to fully execute the coordination and creation of high-quality grant applications.

With over $54 billion available to government entities through grant programs nationwide it can be difficult to navigate through the grant process of have time to create a fully developed grant application. Have the Grant Access team become your partner through the grant application process from start to finish, giving you the peace of mind knowing that seasoned grant experts are researching, writing, and assembling your grant application.

Benefits to Cities, Towns and Villages

  • Complete Grant Application Service: Application, Narrative Development & Review
  • Normal Rate: $5,000 per grant application, per project, per single applicant
  • NLC Member Rate: $3,750
  • NLC members receive 25% off normal rates
  • 1:1 Unlimited, personalized grant consulting from Senior Grant Consultants

Commitment to the Public Sector

A dedicated project manager will work NLC Members to find and identify an eligible grant for the intended project. Once a grant has been selected for the project, Lexipol will review the grant specifics with the applicant to determine what information will be needed to assemble the application and draft narrative elements. Upon receipt of these materials from the applicant, Lexipol will begin to construct the written sections of the grant.

Lexipol has an experienced project management team that will directly fill out and complete the data entry sections of the targeted grant application. Based on information provided, Lexipol will be able to take care of the remaining elements as well as adding your final narratives directly into the application.

Once the grant application is assembled including narratives, Lexipol will contact the applicant to review the entire application. After the final version of the application is approved, the grant is submitted to the grant maker.

This is the perfect option for the grant applicant who has been turned down multiple times, is new to the targeted grant program or just doesn’t have the time to put together the application themselves.

What’s included:

  • Customized grant research specific to the departments funding needs
  • Customized, written grant narratives based on information provided from the department
  • Completion of grant application by GrantsHelp team
  • Grant Consultants will provide unlimited reviews of department’s application

Custom Grant Research:

Normal Rate: $1,000 NLC

Member Rate: $750

Finding and targeting grants can be a daunting task, especially for small communities. Lexipol’s custom grant research and application services help to guide new or understaffed communities and organization through the process of finding applicable grants by drafting their applications.

What it is: Providing grant assistance in the form of customized grant research, consultations, and free application and review services

What’s Included:

  • Customized grant research
  • Project consultations
  • Free application and review services
  • Maximum of 15 users per month
  • Discount on Grant Writing Services