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HomeFree-USA is a Black-founded nonprofit started by Marcia and Jim Griffin in 1994 with a vision to close the homeownership gap by giving African Americans the guidance they need to achieve and sustain homeownership.

As a HUD-intermediary, HomeFree-USA serves the diverse interests of 6.3 million consumers through its nationwide network of 50 plus affiliated, community-based nonprofits that specialize in guiding people to first-time homeownership, homeownership sustainability, and increased financial capacity.

Benefits to Cities, Towns and Villages

HomeFree-USA has a significant record of performance with the federal and local governments that can assist your members in the use of their sources of funding. Specifically we can bring the following solutions to small and mid-sized cities:

  • Marketing and outreach to connect hard-to-reach renters, homeowners, homebuyers and others to make them aware of and give them access to critical services and programs that increases their well-being and showcases the cities’ value to its citizens.
  • Help for homeowners to prevent foreclosure with rigorous homeownership guidance, financial education, and advocacy on their behalf with their servicers/lenders. Additionally, we can execute programs on the cities’ behalf (if available) to help resolve mortgage delinquency
  • Help for renters to resolve their rent delinquency, avoid eviction, and position them for housing success with financial education and free resources. Additionally, we can execute programs on the cities’ behalf (if available) to help resolve their delinquency.
  • Help for homebuyers to prepare for mortgage approval and successful homeownership. With homeownership guidance, financial education, and preparation, we have produced thousands of successful homeowners. (Note our 96% success rate in the HFUSA Record of Success below).
  • Help with Community Revitalization to assist cities in the design and implementation of property rehabilitation, new construction, commercial property conversion, etc. to meet affordable housing needs.
  • Our HBCU Centers for Financial Advancement® can be sourced in certain cities to access HBCU students to develop their civic engagement responsibility and capability as volunteers in addressing the needs of citizens.
  • Improve LMI Consumer Financial Capability by delivering a Consumer Financial Locker and other government resources to enhance the cities’ citizens’ financial education and skills in budgeting, credit improvement, increased savings, and debt reduction.

Commitment to the Public Sector

In 2017, HomeFree-USA launched its Center for Financial Advancement® (CFA) as a means for infusing more diversity in corporate America. HomeFree-USA partners with, trains and provides students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) opportunities for externships, internships and full-time jobs in sponsoring companies. Participating CFA Scholars are exposed to credit and money management education, leadership development, and homeownership, thus creating the next generation of leaders and homeowners. For more information, visit

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