NLC Logo Use Guide

NLC_Logo_RGB_400px spaced.png


National League of Cities "All Cities Mark" is a lockup that is comprised of the NLC lettering, the name, and the tagline, as show above. NLC retains full rights to this logo and its use. The logo may be used by other organizations only with the approval of NLC's marketing team.

The preferred use of the logo is as shown above; however, for smaller applications, an alternate version may be used to ensure that the tag line remains legible.

Standard Logo Mark

Standard Logo Mark.png



For Smaller Applications

Small Logo Mark.png

For very small applications, the gray line and slogan may be omitted.


Spacing around the logo

The NLC logo should not overlap with any surrounding elements and requires a set clearance space of 1/2 the height of the "N" on both the top and sides, and 1/3 the height below.

NLC_logo spacing.png

Do not recreate the logo, rearrange elements or change the typefaces and colors

Always use an original graphic file of the logo from the National League of Cities.


The NLC logo may be reversed out of the NLC blue or black

NLC_logos reversed.png

NLC Colors

The primary NLC brand colors are as follows:

NLC Logo Use Guide colors.jpg

NLC Logo Files

Several versions of the NLC logo are available for download here as a ZIP file. 

Files labeled as "RGB" are for logos displayed on a web page or screen.  Files labeled "CMYK" are for four-color printing, and files labeled "3-color" are for Pantone color printing.  Most of these files are .eps files--vector files that can be resized and exported into other formats using a program like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.