NLC in the News 2012


3/24/12 Amazon's move to Cambridge allows Massachusetts to begin collecting sales taxes sold to state residents Boston Business Journal

3/13/12 State, local governments apt to lose more jobs Politico

3/12/12 How Can Localities Support Job Growth? Governing

3/12/12 LaHood: House in 'disarray' on transportation bill The Hill

3/12/12 Oklahoma City Economy Is Booming, Mayor Says Bloomberg TV

3/10/12 Mayors descend on Washington to press for highway bill, fight program cuts The Hill

3/9/12 Demand for 'survival services' rises in US cities Reuters

3/9/12 U.S. Local Governments Show First Payroll Boost Since August; States Slip Bloomberg

3/9/12 Are Local Government Cuts Nearing An End? By the Numbers (Governing blog)

3/6/12 Local Leaders Lobbying for Internet Sales Tax FedWatch (Governing blog)

3/4/12 Gas prices force cash-strapped cities to get creative Christian Science Monitor

3/1/12 Is Government Consolidation Always Good? Governing Magazine



2/28/12 Local governments watching Supreme Court tax case USA Today

2/25/12 For some, griping easier online than in person Associated Press

2/24/12 Before Supreme Court, Indianapolis to defend charging different amounts for sewers Indianapolis Star

2/20/12 The Tax Bang After the Hospital Boom Forbes

2/19/12 How Obama's Budget Affects the Region's Bottom Line WNYC

2/16/12 Groups Urge Congress to Nix Obama Cap The Bond Buyer

2/14/12 Budget Alarms Market The Bond Buyer

2/13/12 Our finances are still solid, local officials say American City & County 

2/8/12 EPA: US needs $300B in sewer, water work, NY needs $29.7B in water; fed funding sought Associated Press

2/4/12 Mild Winter Leaves Some Cold Wall Street Journal

2/3/12 America Is Hiring-Don't Mess It Up, Washington National Journal

2/2/12 Support for House Transportation Bill Eroding FedWatch (Governing blog) 

2/2/12 Cities hop on afterschool programs bus American City & County



1/19/12 JCT: $178B For Public Muni Debt The Bond Buyer

1/18/12 CDBG Cuts Even Greater Than Expected in Some Places FedWatch (Governing blog)

1/18/12 Detroit teeters on the brink despite autos comeback CNN Money

1/15/12 Pontiac and Highland Park, Michigan, selling city owned real estate to stay afloat NBC Nightly News

1/12/12 The Muni Market in 2012 Governing Magazine

1/6/12 Brutal losses in state and local jobs CNN Money

1/6/12 Fewer government workers lost jobs in December American City and County

1/2012 How Language Fits Into the Immigration Issue Governing Magazine

1/3/12 Tax-Exemption Threats Are Still on the Radar The Bond Buyer

1/2/12 One break for travelers: Cities not looking to raise visitor taxes USA Today

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