NLC in the News 2010


7/28/10 Cities threaten to cut 500,000 jobs CNN Money

7/27/10 U.S. local govts warn: More jobs will be axed Reuters

7/27/10 More job and service cuts coming from strapped counties and cities, report says Washington Post

7/27/10 U.S. Cities, Counties Poised to Cut 500,000 Jobs, Report Finds Bloomberg

7/19/10 Budget Cuts Take Their Toll on Essential City Services The Fiscal Times

7/14/10 Cities' Woes Will Linger, Thousands Of Jobs Will Go National Public Radio


8/11/10 Too Little Too Late? The New Republic

8/10/10 Many shun bank accounts but pay more for financial services USA Today

8/4/10 Life on furlough: Working 12 months for 11 months pay CNN Money

8/3/10 More Workers Face Pay Cuts, Not Furloughs New York Times

8/2/10 Will state budget cuts blunt the recovery? Christian Science Monitor

8/2/10 Miami Looks at City's Parking Revenue to Fund Reserves, Make Bond Payments Bloomberg



9/27/10 Gates Foundation focuses on college graduation Associated Press

9/3/10 Riverside Mayor Ronald Loveridge & National League of Cities, President C-SPAN's Washington Journal

9/3/10 NLC reacts to most recent unemployment numbers American City and County



10/22/10 Cities, states in hotel tax war with Orbitz, Expedia, others USA Today

10/14/10 It's all up to the Fed: The Fed will try to force the economy into orbit with more bond purchases The Economist

10/11/10 Economic Condition of US Cities C-SPAN's Washington Journal

10/8/10 What a Drag: Local Government Cuts Hit Home The New Republic

10/7/10 Fiscal Woes Deepening for Cities, Report Says New York Times

10/6/10 Lower Property Values Hit City Revenues Wall Street Journal

10/6/10 Forecast gloomy for local economies dealing with recession, report finds Washington Post

10/6/10 Broke cities go to states for help, but... Marketplace


11/18/10 All economics is local: The straits of cities and counties are hurting the recovery The Economist

11/17/10 Impoverished Camden looks to fire, police for cuts Reuters



12/29/10 Capitalizing on Muni-Bond Fears CNBC's The Call 

12/28/10 Default Position: Why we needn't worry too much about municipal bankruptcy The Slate

12/27/10 NLC official refutes '60 Minutes' report on municipal insolvency American City & County

12/27/10 States Begin Slow Recovery as Revenues Increase The Fiscal Times

12/17/10 No More Money for 'Main Street of Texas' When Build America Program Ends Bloomberg

12/14/10 Vallejo's Bankruptcy 'Failure' Scares Cities Into Cutting Costs Bloomberg

12/9/10 NYC private hospitals to get big bill for ambulances Marketplace

12/8/10 People say they need involvement in communities USA Today

12/2/10 Mayors, municipal workers gather for conference Denver Post

12/1/10 Mayors, councilors attend National League of Cities Convention in Denver KDVR (Fox 31 Denver)

12/1/10 U.S. cities fared worst in recession, recovery - study Reuters