Member Outreach and Responsiveness

NLC should start:

  • Becoming more member-centric and focused on member benefits, putting staff time into efforts where members have ideas and energy rather than where staff are in the lead
  • Spending more time in cities
  • Working more closely with state municipal leagues
  • Using refreshed conferences to attract a new audience
  • Targeting outreach to large cities (including personally engaging the mayor) by offering a package of relevant benefits and different ways of interacting than simply through policy committees and councils
  • Reaching out to newly elected officials and young elected officials, getting a better understanding of what they want and need
  • Working with both elected officials (including mayors) and city staff
  • Engaging youth who are interested in public service – the next generation of public leaders

NLC should stop:

  • Giving non-members the same opportunities and information as members
  • Focusing only on elected officials
  • Relying on media/web to reach members; it cannot be a substitute for real relationships
  • Getting pulled in different directions based on the interests of particular members