The Local Voice in the National Election

Local elected officials and cities, towns and villages have a critical role to play in the 2020 Presidential Election. The Cities Agenda is a comprehensive platform of issues that reflects Americans’ top concerns and priorities for the 2020 Election and beyond. 

American communities seek to partner with Congress, the President and federal leaders to create and implement programs and policies that fit the needs of all residents. The 2020 Cities Agenda is where that partnership and progress begin.  

As presidential candidates laid out their vision for the future of America on the campaign trail, NLC and local leaders from across the country called for the next President of the United States to adopt an inclusive and comprehensive agenda that addresses the priorities of all our nation’s cities, towns and villages. 

The result: The Leading Together 2020 Cities Agenda, which was first unveiled to over 4,000 local elected officials and municipal leaders at NLC’s annual City Summit conference in November 2019. 

The 2020 Cities Agenda is the start of something bigger. A partnership and unified vision for social and economic prosperity and growth in our nation, right now and in the future. America’s local leaders are ready and willing to roll up our sleeves and tackle the most pressing issues, together.