Join Us!

Are you a city leader interested in using data better — to tailor and target interventions to improve the health and well-being of city residents?

Join NLC’s pilot Community of Practice (CoP) on data. The CoP series will offer in-depth virtual learning experiences on a single topic over a six-month period. The initial pilot CoP will focus on the ways in which cities can use data to better tailor and target efforts that address factors affecting health and wellbeing in their communities. NLC, in partnership with CityHealth Dashboard, will provide a select group of city leaders and their partners a series of monthly virtual learning events, peer-led discussions, informal meetups at NLC convenings, and cross-city engagement through the Cities of Opportunity (CoO) web portal.




The Community of Practice complements NLC’s broader Cities of Opportunity (CoO) initiative. CoO provides city leaders, their staffs, and critical partners engagement in peer learning communities, such as the CoP, to build capacity to address the factors that affect how well and long we live. NLC’s vision of Cities of Opportunity are places where residents reach their full potential and live healthy lives.

As we know, in cities across America, the life expectancies of residents who live a few miles apart—sometimes blocks apart—vary by as much as five, ten or even twenty years. Multiple factors– income, education, housing, transit, family and social supports, and community safety – play a role in how long and how well we live. Historical policies and present-day, many disproportionately affecting communities of color, challenge the ability of residents to live fulfilling lives. City leaders are positioned to address these factors comprehensively and create thriving communities for all.

Pilot Commitment

  • Be an active participant as part of city leader peer group in a new initiative;
  • Engage in up to six meetings over the course of six months with leading data experts;
  • Contribute to a final group project (presentation or brief) to better inform efforts in your city;
  • Share expertise with other CoP Participants;
  • Advance data-driven policy to improve health and well-being in your city;
  • Commit to working in a comprehensive way to address factors influencing how well we live and how long we live, including equity and race.


  • Access to CoO resources, tools, alumni, and expert faculty
  • Opportunity to present and share insights and learnings with other CoO learning community members
  • Peer exchange
  • In-person and virtual meet-ups at NLC convenings