WEBINAR: Savings Solutions for Aging Infrastructure

Jun 05,2019 2:00PM
Jun 05,2019 3:00PM

With over 43 million Americans living below the poverty line, an unexpected home emergency repair can cause financial shock. What can cities do to provide affordable solutions to residents in the event of a water or sewer line break?

The NLC Service Line Warranty Program is one tool that cities are using to help safeguard residents from monetary hardship in the face of unexpected home repairs. Learn how a West Virginia community used this program to address aging infrastructure and became one of the first cities to implement this program. In 2018, residents in the United States saved over 90 million dollars on the cost of repairs. Join NLC partner Service Utility Partners for a webinar led by former NLC President and Mayor of Clarksburg, WV, Jim Hunt, to learn how you can bring this program to your city.


Bill Eller - Eller currently serves as Vice President of Business Development at HomeServe. He is responsible for working with municipalities to educate and develop the best program options for their residents.

Jim Hunt - Jim Hunt is an author, speaker and consultant focused on sustainable solutions for municipal governments. He served over 30 years in local government as a mayor, council member and executive director of a community nonprofit. In 2006, Mr. Hunt served as president of the National League of Cities, the nation's oldest and largest organization representing the interests of over 18,000 cities, towns and villages. American City & Country magazine named Mr. Hunt as the 2006 Municipal Leader of the Year for his work in creating the Partnership for Building Inclusive Communities. He recently released his second book, The Amazing City - 7 Steps to Creating an Amazing City and has traveled world-wide speaking to municipal officials and conducting workshops and seminars. Mr. Hunt also serves as an advisor to the National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program.


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