Webinar: Benefits of the NLC Service Line Warranty Program

Oct 04,2017 3:00PM

Webinar | October 4 | 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Nearly one in three Americans don't have at least $500 set aside to cover unexpected emergencies.

That includes expensive service line repairs. In response, NLC and our partner Utility Service Partners (USP) created the NLC Service Line Warranty Program to educate residents about their service line responsibilities and help them avoid unexpected repair bills.

This Webinar Will:

Walk through how the program works and help you determine if the program is right for your city.

Save Your Residents Money

Over 400 municipalities participate in the program, which has served over 140,000 homeowners, saving them more than $90 million in repair costs.

A city of 15,000 can expect to save its residents $22K on annual repairs.

A city of 40,000 can expect to save its residents $44K on annual repairs.

Generate a Revenue Stream

Learn how the program, which comes at no cost to your community, can generate your city money through royalties.

Special Guest Speaker

Natasha Collura, Director of Strategic Partnerships for the City of San Diego, will share her experience and how the residents of her city have benefited from the program.


Questions? Contact Charlie McQuillan at mcquillan@nlc.org or at (202) 626-3160 or visit www.utilitysp.net/welcome