Taking Care of Your Workforce

How Local Government Leaders Can Support Employees Through COVID-19
Jun 29,2020 3:00PM
Jun 29,2020 4:00PM
  • Amanda L. Schuh, Director of the Nursing-Lorenz Clinic and Council Member for the City of Jordan, Minnesota. 
  • Taryn Austin, Director of Clinical Operations for Invest EAP 
  • Judith S. Blanton, PhD, ABBP President of Blanton Consulting in Pasadena, CA and member of the American Psychological Association Council of Representatives 

Local government employees are facing a range of new stressors, from adjusting to remote work and budget cuts to addressing community concerns and uncertainty related to COVID-19, racial injustices, the economic downturn, and unemployment. Local leaders play a critical role in helping employees adjust and adapt to new work environments while helping them feel connected and productive. 

In this tele-town hall, we explored the types of stressors their employees face and how these can affect both their impact at work and life outside of the office. Experts facilitated a discussion on why it’s important to talk about mental health and stress with employees and how to direct them to helpful resources such as employee assistance programs. Experts also discussed science-backed strategies for adopting policies and practices that can help employees adapt to change and feel supported by their city or county employers.


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