Finding Savings and Solutions through NLC

Jun 06,2017 1:30PM
Jun 06,2017 3:00PM

NLC's Savings and Solutions programs can save your municipality time and money. Find out how.

Budget season is here, which means your municipality is thinking about how to save money. Make the budget process easier next year by signing up for one or more of NLC's Savings and Solutions programs! 

  • NLC Community Showcase Video Program - Enhance your City Website 
  • NLC Service Line Warranty Program - Be a Resource to Residents and Generate Revenue 
  • U.S. Communities - Best Overall Supplier Government Pricing 
  • Build America Mutual - Lower Cost of Financing Public Debt 
  • NLC Prescription Discount Program - Residents Save 24% Off Retail Prescriptions 
  • Public Finance Authority - Streamline Economic Development 
  • NLC Grant Access – Grant Database for Cities