Enterprise Partner Spotlight - Nicole Rongo, VP Marketing & Acquisitions

Nicole Rongo, Vice President, Marketing and Acquisitions, CGI
Nicole Rongo


What services do you provide to NLC Members?
We provide NLC member cities with cost free marketing programs to showcase both private and public attributes of the community. We do so by fully producing a series of videos for the city websites that help welcome future families, recruit new industry, promote tourism and more.

How can member cities and residents directly benefit from the NLC Community Showcase Video Program?
Cities will have an additional tool they can use to provide information and answer questions that people are seeking through custom tailored video content. Future residents utilize our Video Tours to educate themselves with important information they need as a new member of the community. In addition, they will be introduced to civic leaders and local businesses through the video content. 

What is the importance of CGI building partnerships with cities?
CGI truly prides itself in helping cities effectively communicate in the mobile world we live in. In working with cities for over 30 years, CGI knows that marketing budgets are very limited. When CGI partners with a city, they do not have to worry about garnering resources to participate. We help communities tell their story and showcase the assets that set them apart. We help the individual city show their "why" and do so at no expense to taxpayers!

What is the most important thing, in your opinion, NLC can do for cities?
Continue to listen to the challenges that cities face and provide innovative solutions that address their concerns, such as CGI's no cost Video Tour for cities.

Lastly, and just for fun, who is your favorite U.S. President and why?
Abraham Lincoln for crafting and delivering such eloquent speeches. He was also forward-thinking in a time where equality was not common practice.