Effectiveness of the National League of Cities

NLC is most effective at:

  • Providing opportunities for members to engage with NLC
  • Understanding the needs of member cities
  • Advocating at the Federal level on behalf of cities and towns

What is the thing that NLC does better than any other organization?

  • Provides cities with new ideas, research, assistance and helpful publications (survey respondents called out the YEF Institute programs, the sustainability program, the City Fiscal Conditions research, and pass-through funding to support implementation)
  • Engages a sizeable and inclusive membership (including mayors, councilmembers and staff, cities of all sizes and structures)
  • Strong, caring relationships with members  (providing excellent customer service, offering value to members and demonstrating that NLC staff care)
  • Facilitating valuable peer networks, growth opportunities and well organized conferences for members
  • Understanding and advocating for the needs of all municipalities (communicating the collective voice of all cities of all sizes and offering opportunities to engage with federal officials)
  • Staff commitment and teamwork (teamwork is especially evident around the conferences)

Also mentioned:

  • Managing multiple audiences (members, cities more broadly, legislators, Administration, academic partners, foundations, the press)
  • Being neutral/don’t know