Community Building

Connecting Veterans to Community
American Legion - As the nation's largest wartime veteran service organization, the American Legion advocates for veteran needs at every level of government, and offers a number of programs to veteran communities, including the Heroes to Hometowns program, which connects local Legionnaires with recovering wounded warriors and their families.
Mission Continues  - The Mission continues awards community service fellowships to post-9/11 veterans. Veterans serve for six months at a local nonprofit to address key local social issues.
Operation Reintegration - Through Operation Reintegration, a Cities of Service Program, mayor's offices engage veterans as volunteers to help newly returning veterans reintegrate into civilian live.
The Travis Manion Foundation - The Travis Manion Foundation provides empowering programming for veterans and survivors, including programs that connect veterans to youth, mentorship and advocacy, and service expeditions.

Connecting Your Community to Veterans
Dixon Center  - Dixon Center is a program of the Easter Seals that connects organizations across communities through veteran-serving initiatives.
Community Blueprint Network  - Administered by Points of Light, the Community Blueprint Network (CBN) was developed by a committed and expert group of over 55 veteran and military-serving organizations. The Network is a set of practices that address eight critical issue areas affecting veterans, active military and military families: housing and homelessness, education, employment, behavioral health, family strength, financial-legal services, reintegration and volunteering leading to community change