Cities and Family Economic Success

Image removed.Nearly half of all households have little or no savings to fall back on if faced with a job loss or other financial emergency. For low-income families already struggling to meet basic needs, common setbacks can trigger a devastating chain of events that can lead to unemployment, homelessness and family instability. City leaders can help families and neighborhoods become more economically secure by helping families learn financial skills, increase earnings and maximize income, save for emergencies and the future, invest in assets that generate wealth and income and protect gains made to income and assets. City leaders can also play an important role in connecting families to public benefits such as health insurance and federal nutrition programs.

NLC provides guidance, technical assistance, and in some cases grant funding to cities in their efforts to promote family economic success. We also:

  • Conduct research to and provides information on promising strategies and best practices.
  • Improve communication within and between cities by building networks of local officials working on similar issues and concerns.