Cayce, South Carolina

Brag a Little About Your Town

Cayce, which sits next to the state capital of Columbia, is a city on the rise! Our city leaders came together a few years ago to develop a long-term plan to make Cayce a stronger, more vibrant community and an attractive place to live and work for current residents and future generations.

Now our vision is becoming reality. We're making enhancements to our long-standing attractions; for example, we're extending the walking trails of our Riverwalk, which offers citizens and visitors the chance to enjoy nature within a bustling urban center, and our 12,000-year history park, which contains more than a dozen archeologically significant sites, has been put on the Department of the Interior's priority list for further development.

Meanwhile, new amenities are coming online (such as a new tennis and fitness center that is host to the 2012 and 2013 U.S. Tennis Association National Junior Team Championships). We've invested in a new wastewater treatment plant, a critical piece of infrastructure that will help our region's economy grow.

New neighborhoods are sprouting up all over to welcome new residents, and we continue to explore opportunities to liven up our downtown and turn our areas of open land into spaces for the community to gather-we know our potential is limitless!

Cayce is just across the Congaree River from the state capital, Columbia, which has a downtown that is becoming increasingly lively. We offer easy access for downtown workers who appreciate a very short commute, whether by car or bike, as well as the ability to retreat back to their homes in a community with a more small-town feel.

Of course, Cayce's biggest advantage is its residents-some with very deep roots, and some just putting down roots. Our community is full of energetic and ambitious individuals who care deeply about this community, and who volunteer their time and talents on our various boards, commissions, and foundations to make sure Cayce maintains and strengthens its excellent quality of life.

Best Part About Membership in NLC

The best part about NLC membership is access to a network of resources that we, as a small city, would otherwise not be able to access. Cities have many of the same problems; often other cities have already solved the problems that we face.