August 2015 Newsletter

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YEF Institute Newsletter
Is it hot enough for you out there, yet? Enjoy it while it lasts because fall is just around the corner. Here are a few must-see items to add to your end-of-summer reading list. If you have questions about anything you read here, or want to sign up a friend or coworker for our newsletter, contact Emily Pickren.

Featured Stories
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People in communities across the country are increasingly stepping out to let city leaders know that walkable communities are important to them. Several recent national surveys confirm this. Businesses are responding to this demand, as are local leaders. Here are five ways cities are making their communities more walkable.

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With strong support from the mayor and other local leaders, San Francisco implemented a major data-sharing initiative, the Shared Youth Database. Analysis of the shared data showed that about 2,000 families used half of the resources in the city’s social service system, and were likely to live within walking distance of one of seven street corners.
Read more to find out how the city implemented changes as a result of this information!
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Our blog series explains what financial inclusion is and provides examples and action steps to help city leaders address the financial challenges of their residents. The latest post highlights
Nashville’s Financial Empowerment Center and the impact that their programs and services are having on the community. Nashville is the site of NLC’s annual Congress of Cities conference this November.
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The national high school graduation rate recently hit 81 percent. Yet, many cities are home to large numbers of young people who have not finished high school, and lack a clear path to do so. In response, Colorado established the Colorado Reengagement Network to strengthen and expand efforts to reengage students who have not finished school.

Upcoming Events
This webinar will introduce participants to a new movement to address funding issues in children and youth services at the local level.
Friday, September 11, 2015
1:00- 2:00 PM ET

Changing the Picture: Dropout ReEngagement in Allentown
Community Schools of the Lehigh Valley will host Andrew Moore , director of Youth and Young Adult Connections at the NLC YEF Institute, as the featured speaker at their fall leadership breakfast on Thursday, September 17. For more information, visit NLC's  Reengagement page on this event.