Workforce Bill Will Help Create System for the 21st Century

Washington, D.C. - The National League of Cities applauds the Senate for strengthening the nation's workforce system to support American workers by passing the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. This bipartisan bill will streamline and modernize the nation's workforce system by providing a 21st Century solution to 21st Century employment needs.

National League of Cities President Chris Coleman, Mayor of Saint Paul, Minn. released the following statement:

"It has taken far too long for the Workforce Investment Act to be reauthorized. We encourage the House to quickly act on the bill to create a workforce that is innovative and in tune with the needs of local employers. We thank Senators Harkin, Alexander, Isakson and Murray for their durable leadership in securing passage for this bill.

"WIOA will help push opportunity into every part of our nation's communities. A strong workforce system will ensure that participants have the ability to support their families and establish themselves in their communities.

"WIOA will increase investments in resource, training and services for participants. It will streamline and modernize the system, while still preserving local voices that are critical to successfully placing participants in jobs that are needed on a regional basis. This bill is vitally needed to ensure that every American will be able to participate in the 21st Century economy and so that our nation's employers have the workforce they need to not just compete, but to be successful in the global marketplace."

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