Webinars Focus on Broadband Access, Energy Code Compliance

NLC's Center for Research and Innovation is hosting two upcoming webinars during the month of February.

How Broadband Access in Santa Monica has Impacted Local Economic Development 
Wednesday, February 22, 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Eastern time

This webinar will present a case study on the city of Santa Monica. A robust local economy is vital for overall national economic development and global competitiveness. One of the tools for achieving this is a strong telecommunications infrastructure that can support innovative approaches to the ways governments do business. 

The webinar will look at how Santa Monica has built a strong telecommunications infrastructure and how this is impacting local economic development by cutting costs, creating efficiencies and providing better service to residents. 

This event is presented by the National League of Cities and the Public Technology Institute

For more information about the webinar or NLC's Infrastructure Program, visit the Infrastructure page of the NLC website or contact Julia Pulidindi at pulidindi@nlc.org.  

Local Strategies for Improving Energy Code Compliance 
Thursday, February 23rd, 2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern Time

Over the past six years, the national model energy codes have increased energy efficiency by an average of 30 percent. Unfortunately, these potential savings often go unrealized due to a lack of compliance. Compliance is a means of ensuring that the requirements of the energy code are met. 

For a local government this typically means some type of enforcement role, but in a time of dwindling local budgets and constrained resources, an added responsibility is difficult to consider. This webinar will address strategies that local governments can employ to ensure that buildings in their jurisdiction are meeting the requirements of the energy code while still meeting the constraints of their budget. The webinar will present three successful strategies and examples of jurisdictions that have implemented the strategy. 

Speakers include: 

· Ryan Meres, code compliance specialist, Institute for Market Transformation 

· John Umphress, green building and sustainability consultant, sr., Austin Energy Green Building Program 

· Jim H. Brown, CBO, CFPS, deputy building official, City of Gillette, Wyo. 

This event is produced by The Institute for Market Transformation and presented by The National League of Cities, National Association of CountiesICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, and National Association of State Energy Officials


    For more information about the webinar or NLC's Sustainability Program, visit the Sustainability page of the NLC website or contact Tammy Zborel at Zborel@nlc.org


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