University Communities Council Gains Momentum at Congressional City Conference

The University Communities Council (UCC) had a very interactive meeting with a high level of enthusiasm at the recent Congressional City Conference. During the meeting, the UCC Steering Committee set the goals for this year. They are: 1) to build even more engagement with UCC and NLC members, 2) to reinforce the importance of NLC goals in the actions of UCC, and 3) to pilot different approaches/technology.

Specifically, UCC is offering direct leadership and engagement opportunities of its steering committee members including compiling and sharing best practices around the country, developing a summer meeting program and gearing up for what should be an outstanding Congress of Cities in Seattle.

"We recognize members have both a broad interest in NLC and more particular interests - like those involved with living in a college town - and are always seeking ways to best serve their specific community," said Pete Haga, 2013 UCC Chair.

"At UCC, we will be drawing on the strengths and experiences of our members to provide even more value to NLC and UCC," added Haga. "There is a wealth of knowledge available and our role is to provide opportunities to unlock it, share it and put it to work."

And the sharing has already started with the innovative "Best Practices Speed Dating" workshop that took place at the Congressional City Conference. The exercise is already resulting in new UCC members, and has also laid the foundation for a best practices database that can be accessed through myNLC in the UCC section.  Members and potential members should go to to get started. If you are not a member of UCC, please send an email to Ann Kelly and get signed up today!