Small Cities Month Arrives

By Hana Brown

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NLC President Ted Ellis, Bluffton, Ind., in collaboration with NLC Small Cities Council Chair Leon Maynor, councilman, Lumberton, N.C., has declared the month of June 2012 to be Small Cities Month. The month will celebrate the accomplishments of the nation's small communities and draw attention to the essential roles small cities and towns play in American life.

"It is critical that we recognize the contributions of our smaller cities and towns, especially in these tough economic times when all the cities must do more with less because of decreasing support from the state and federal level," said Ellis.

Maynor and the city of Lumberton will celebrate Small Cities Month by hosting community events during the month and by hosting the Small Cities Council Steering Committee summer meeting June 13-16. Steering committee members from small cities across the nation will convene to discuss current challenges for smaller cities, share best practices, provide input to NLC's policy and advocacy work, and tour successful programs in Lumberton. 

"Millions of people live in small cities and they look to us, their leaders, to provide safety, security and a healthy way of life," said Maynor. "I am proud of the hard work taking place all across this country to deliver on their needs every day through collaboration, creativity and innovation."

Of the nearly 20, 000 municipal governments in America, 94 percent have populations less than 25,000 and 87 percent have populations less than 10,000. Leaders in small communities are welcome to join in the celebration of Small Cities Month by issuing a proclamation, a press release and/or holding community events.

The Small Cities Council provides a forum for sharing ideas and best practices among smaller communities and works to ensure that the interests of small communities are reflected in NLC's overall policies and programs. The council is comprised of NLC member cities with populations under 50,000.

Details: For information about joining the Small Cities Council, contact Mae Davis at or (202) 626-3150