Policy and Advocacy Committees Prepare for Packed 2015 Agenda

Image removed.Discussion during a meeting of NLC's Policy and Advocacy Commitees

NLC's Policy and Advocacy Committees advocate on NLC's priorities, provide expertise and insight on federal policy issues, and lead the development of NLC's policy positions that make up NLC's National Municipal Policy. At this year's Congressional City Conference, the committees met to finalize advocacy strategies for NLC's legislative priorities, provided input and feedback on federal programs that impact local governments to federal agency officials, and shared best practices with each other.

The Policy and Advocacy Committees met with a number of experts from federal agencies and nongovernmental organizations, including representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Water, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Justice, and the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association. They planned advocacy efforts in support of NLC's 2015 advocacy agenda, particularly ways to showcase local investment in infrastructure.

NLC's committees also dug into some of the most pressing issues facing cities. For example, the Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee began a year-long deep-dive on the topic of water infrastructure in 2015, with an emphasis on financing infrastructure, the affordability of environmental requirements, and climate impacts on water and creating resilient infrastructure. The Information Technology and Communications Committee led a discussion of the impact of the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) recent decisions involving net neutrality and state preemption of municipal broadband and last year's FCC wireless siting order on cities. The Public Safety and Crime Prevention Committee discussed programs to build strong police and community relations, reduce social tension, and improve juvenile justice outcomes in advance of the launch of NLC's Race, Equity and Leadership (REAL) initiative during the conference.

All of NLC's committees will next meet in Salt Lake City, Utah, in June.

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