NLC to Highlight Member Cities on Website

By Member Relations Staff

NLC has revamped the Member Center section of to offer more resources, features and greater functionality.  A focal point of the redesigned Member Center is the NLC Member Glance feature, which will serve to highlight NLC members on a two-week rotation. 

Featured cities are chosen among those who submit via the online form accessible from the section.  The form requires information including the city's population, chief elected official, key points the submitter wants to highlight about the city (this can be a successful project, program, something for which the city is known, etc.), the submitter's opinion of the best part about NLC membership, and a photo representative of the city. 

NLC members are encouraged to submit entries for this fun new feature of the website.  It's a great way for members to become more familiar with each other and also affords the opportunity for members to raise their visibility within the organization.

The primary navigation links to the "Join" and "Renew" pages and to the NLC Store are still present, but numerous additional pages and sections now offer a more comprehensive and functional Member Center.

Other new pages linked from the redesigned Member Center include a section called Orientation to NLC with resources for new members, information and a sign-up form for the popular new NLC Ambassador Program, and a page introducing NLC's Membership Committee, which is comprised of members from the NLC Board of Directors and drives NLC's member recruitment and engagement strategy. Visit the Member Center

Details: If you have questions or feedback, please contact NLC Member Services at (877) 827-2385 or