NLC Supports White House Resources to Detroit to Spur Economic Recovery

Washington, DC – The following statement is from Clarence Anthony, Executive Director of the National League of Cities on the White House announcing funding for Detroit:

“Today’s White House announcement about federal grants and private money aimed at boosting public safety, neighborhood revitalization, and public transportation will hopefully help Detroit begin the long road to recovery. It is a good example of what is possible when all levels of the intergovernmental partnership – federal, state, and local – come together to find creative solutions that will assist in accelerating innovation and building a foundation for future growth for families and children. 

 “It is important to note that these federal resources are not a bailout, but are funds that were already available to Detroit that are being repurposed or made available at a quicker rate. There is nothing to indicate that this will alter the course of the bankruptcy proceeding and prevent the difficult decisions that lie ahead.

“We applaud the partners who came together to make today’s announcement possible.” 

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