NLC Member Input Drives Conference Programming

This year’s Congress of Cities and Exposition promises to be one of the most dynamic and engaging NLC conferences to date.  

NLC has reached out to members in a variety of ways to provide input for the types of topics and issues to be featured at the conference.  We issued a called for topics earlier this month and received over 100 responses. We also reached out to NLC’s committees and councils, conducted research and analysis of mayoral State of the City Addresses and conducted surveys of local officials on their policy priorities.  

You answered our call and we heard you loud and clear. Rest assured that issues most critical to you in your role as a local leader will be front and center during the conference.  We will be addressing such timely questions as:

•    How can cities balance their budget without cutting critical services to the public?
•    What are funding options for maintaining and expanding infrastructure?
•    What can cities do to support existing businesses and to facilitate, support and assist new businesses?
•    How can we better engage the community through neighborhood groups?

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If you haven’t already, there is still time to contribute your ideas.  We have issued a Call for Presentations and we want to hear from you! Has your local government effectively implemented a strategy with proven success that you would like to share as a best practice? If so, please complete the simple web-form and we will follow up with you.

Image removed.For those of you who participated in NLC’s Call for Topics earlier this month, thank you for your thoughtful contributions. A councilmember from NLC member city Lacey, Wash. was the winner of the Call for Topics drawing.

For additional conference information and to register for the conference, visit NLC’s conference webpage.