NLC Calls on Congress to Find Long-Term Transportation Solution

Before the U.S. Department of Transportation begins reducing state reimbursements for transportation, the Senate is rushing to adopt a short-term extension of federal surface transportation under a "unanimous consent" agreement that would bring the bill to the Senate floor next week with a limited number of amendments permitted for debate.

Earlier this week, the House passed H.R. 5021, an $11 billion short term extension of federal transportation trust fund revenues and an extension of MAP-21 through May 2015. The program expires on September 30 and funding could run out in just a few weeks.

Despite objections to extending the program through May 2015, the House rejected an attempt to pass a shorter bill, which would have forced Congress to find a long term fix to funding for transportation programs.

In a statement earlier this week, NLC Executive Director Clarence Anthony called on Congress to address the long-term challenges facing the federal transportation program and highway funding. "A long-term bill would provide much needed stability by providing longer time frames that allow for certainty in the planning process necessary for good projects that contribute to local economies. We understand the necessity for a short-term fix, but it is past time for the nation to have a real and robust, long-term plan for the nation's transportation systems."

House and Senate members will soon leave Washington for the August recess. You can support the effort for a long-term transportation solution by contacting your congressional delegation during the August recess. Access NLC's transportation advocacy toolkit for talking points, sample letters, city resolutions, and more.