National League of Cities to Congress: Nation Needs Realistic Budget Proposals

Washington – Marie Lopez Rogers, President of the National League of Cities and Mayor of Avondale, AZ releases the following statement in anticipation of the House of Representatives vote on the budget:

“As we approach yet another fiscal cliff, Congress seems intent on throwing the economy, our communities and the nation’s families over the side. While some have grown indifferent to the consequences, a showdown over yet another fiscal decision will have, local officials have not. The harm is real.

“With the nation’s economy still in a slow recovery, many regions of the country are still facing significant unemployment and underemployment.  Shutting down the government will only exacerbate the situation and prove once again that Washington cannot get its act together. It’s the wrong choice. 

“We call on Congress to get serious and to begin to work on realistic and sensible solutions to our nation’s fiscal concerns.”

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