myNLC to Launch This Week

Secure Online Community for NLC Members and Customers

by Member Relations

Later this week, NLC will launch stage one of a new online platform that will change the face of how NLC's members and customers will interact with the organization and each other. With the introduction of myNLC, members and customers can now register online for programs and events, access online services and update their individual preferences to manage their level of engagement and interaction with NLC. 

With the launch of stage one, users will have the ability to view and update their personal profile, manage e-mail preferences, register for upcoming webinars, manage and subscribe to e-newsletters and connect with others by joining a peer network. 

In early spring, NLC will rol out stage two of myNLC, a social network for NLC members and key stakeholders, which will be located under "My Community." Users will have the ability to connect, share resources in various online communities and networks, and manage and build personal networks. 

With organizations increasingly looking toward social media and Web 2.0 tools to engage the membership, myNLC will facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and building a peer community. Unlike regular social networks, NLC has designed the content and the network itself for city leaders. 

"This year we will be launching a variety of new ways of doing business, including myNLC, which will make it easier for our members to access all the great offerings from NLC," said NLC President Ted Ellis, mayor of Bluffton, Ind. "We all know that one of the greatest benefits of belonging to NLC is the idea sharing and connecting we do with each other. An online social network designed by and for city leaders will extend and deepen those connections." 

Later this week, NLC members and customers will each receive a personal invitation by e-mail with a username and password that will allow them to create a myNLC account, set a new password and review their profile information. Once within their profile page, users will be able to upload a photo and manage their preferences for email communications with NLC. (See sample myNLC landing page below.)

Details: For questions about myNLC, contact Member Services at or (202) 626-3100.

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